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Voodoo5 5500 on pci-express (with pcitopcie adaptor )

Napsal: pát pro 16, 2011 2:41 pm
od 3dfxvoodoo5
Voodoo5 5500 on pci-express (with pcitopcie adaptor ) :


Voodoo5 5500 on pci-x :


Voodoo 5 5500 MAC on PCI-X,

3dmark2001se : 4697 points ( o/c 189 Mhz )


Voodoo 5 on pci-x is more faster than Voodoo 5 on pci-express.
4697 vs 3620 marks.

The best solution is to have a pcix on motherboard like Supermicro or Asus.

Napsal: pát pro 16, 2011 3:07 pm
od 3dfxvoodoo5

3DMark2001SE (66 mhz ) V5 5500 AGP o/c @ 177 Mhz : 3740 Marks


PCI-E 8x to PCI-X adaptor :

- V5500 pci @186 mhz.
- Intel Core i7 2600K (3.4 GHz)
- Koolsmoky betas drivers.
- Win Xp pro sp3

3dmark2001se : 4000 marks !!!


Napsal: sob pro 17, 2011 1:52 am
The PCI- PCI-E adapter seems not to work in PCI-66 mode, that is why Voodoo is so much faster in PCI-X slot where it works on full PCI-66 mode. Without PCI-66, it is pretty much worthless as it has nearly the same bandwidth available as the normal PCI slot you can find on any motherboard. Overcloking it increases only fillrate, but the true bottleneck of voodoo5 in modern games is geometry throughput, and you double-that by running the card in PCI-66 mode in PCI-X slot, as minimal frame-rates in UT2004 for examplw nearly doubled for me when I tested it myself. Use the polygon count test in 3Dmark to see the impact yourself. The geometry performance is the whole reason why to put voodoo to newer machine or on very fast cpu and on PCI-X slot, so the card can utilize its full bandwidth potential. Without it, it is pointless.

Napsal: sob pro 17, 2011 2:32 am
od ps47
splitting this from the technical topic,it felt a bit out of place there.

Napsal: sob pro 17, 2011 5:17 pm
od 3dfxvoodoo5
Like Asus P5WDG2-WS Pro or ASUS P6T WS Professional with PCI-X slot.
Anyone know others motherboards with PCI-X slot please ? only next-gen motherboards please with intel 2600k or Core i7 ...

Re: Voodoo5 5500 on pci-express (with pcitopcie adaptor )

Napsal: pát črc 13, 2012 3:46 pm
od Gringo
I've briefly tried the adaptor from PCIe 8x to PCI-X with V5500 (no OC). CPU AMD Athlon II X2 245

Result from 3D Mark 2001 was 3306 points. I've also tried UT - about 80fps with 1280x1024@16b

well not bad, but not so glorious as expected :)