Evilking 4 vs P3BF and P2BF!

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Evilking 4 vs P3BF and P2BF!

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Hi everybody,

last weekend i tried to build up a pc with an Evilking Voodoo4 with Tv-Out. First on an Asus P3bf and later on a P2bf. Cpu is a Tualeron on a modified MSI 6905 Slot1-adapter. power supply has 350W should be more than enough.
With 100Mhz FSB the system is prime-stable for minimum 1h (didnt test more because no time ;-)). When i start a 3D-application the system freezes after few seconds. Got some tips from several sources in the internet: PCI latency up to 64 and AGP Aperture size = ram size. Board and CPU have been running 100Mhz FSB fine before. The EK has AGP4x Support maybe so it has problems running on 3,3V Boards (ps47 from czech ruled this out, thx)

After that i tried setting the FSB to 66Mhz, still unstable. The i accidentally left the agp divider on 2/3 and the agp was running on 44Mhz and the 3DMark is able to run for 20min then it crashes back to xp. The same thing happens with 75 and 83Mhz FSB and AGP 2/3 Divider...Now there could be several parts responsible for the freezes:

CPU: Maybe not 100% stable on the modded slotket

Board: Tried two ones...Maybe the V4 is more current hungry than other Cards. V3 and GF run fine on these boards i read elsewhere

EK: She definitely does not like 66Mhz AGP. in my opinion she is the first candidate to have a defect...

For any help i am very grateful!

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Have you updete CPU microcode on P3B?
Hlupáci kradou peníze, nVidioti myšlenky.

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The powercolor boards are a 3.3 volt part if that is any help.